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Here is a list of current in-person classes:

Glasgow Club Whitehill Pool every Monday 11.30am-12.30pm

Glasgow Club Donald Dewar every Tuesday 6.30pm-7.30pm

Glasgow Club Springburn every Wednesday 11.00am-12.00noon

Glasgow Club Whitehill Pool every Wednesday* (*June 28th-August 2nd) 7.30pm-8.30pm

Glasgow Club Maryhill every Wednesday 5.45pm-6.30pm

Glasgow Club Tollcross International Pool every Thursday 11.15am-12.15pm

Glasgow Club Milton every Saturday 9.30-10.30am

Links that you may find helpful:

Om or AUM – Just try it, gently, quietly with a hum, until it feels more comfortable. ¬†You are still building your vibration and connection with the Universe. ¬†This is the primordial sound and everything is vibration. ¬†If you don’t feel comfortable, try saying ‘home’ and work from there. ¬†If you want to laugh – do, it can only help you feel better and is a common reaction at first. ¬†When ready, with open, rounded mouth begin with an extended ¬†‘A’, feeling the vibration in the abdomen. ¬†Move to half-open mouth for an extended ‘U’ sound before closing the mouth for an extended ‘M’ sound, noticing the vibration rise from the abdomen through to the crown of the head with ‘M’. Pause after each Om/AUM. ¬†This is Turiya or infinite consciousness, transcending the three states of consciousness just witnessed (‘A’, ‘U’, ‘M’) and helps to bridge the gap between past, present and future. ¬†You can begin by chanting in your head but it’s better to chant loud and proud – especially with others, so any self-consciousness becomes only a positive and sharing experience! Yay!

Good quality sleep – and the right amount – will help all our endeavours and support every aspect of our health and well being. ¬†This beautiful piece of music, Somnus X from Lyz Cooper has helped me to drift off into a restorative slumber many times – often through periods of real adversity and I’m truly grateful for this.

Ra Ma Da Sa Sa Se So Hung as sung by Snatam Kaur and, here, with graphics by Arex, has brought me so much stillness and calm when the world around me has been overwhelming. ¬†I load it up to my television, move my chair around and prepare to go somewhere really special – deep within and to the here and now. ¬†This helps me to ground and to know where I’m moving forward from. ¬†That’s helpful to me and I hope it helps you, too. It’s the mantra for healing. ¬†Here’s what it means: Ra=the Sun. It’s frequency brings much needed energy; Ma= the Moon, bringing alignment to enhance receptivity; Da= Earth’s energy, rooting and grounding; Sa= Infinity, connect with infinity as you chant. ¬†Feel your energy rise and expand, drawing in the healing of the Universe; repeat Sa to pull the energy of infinity within you; Se= honouring the all-encompassing ‘Thou’, like your secret name for God, it is very personal; So= the vibration of merger; Hung= the infinite, vibrating, real and So Hung, together, means ‘I am Thou’. ¬†In many traditions healing is said to occur when you raise your vibration to the Divine Alignment. ¬†According to the Law of Attraction, healing must occur if your vibration matches it. ¬†The Sri Gaitri Mantra is a way of raising your vibration to the frequency of Divine Healing. ¬†See how other mantras help you to achieve this.

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